Friday, July 10, 2009

Bizarre divorce story

This is about a lawyer friend that I knew who had to go through a harrowing experience of finding out that his love was not real love. He married the girl and then found out that she did not really love him. They got married in a ceremony to rival any one-day kind and queen (a saying here in Malaysia) and then when the time came for them consummate the marriage, he was given a kick right at his crown jewel and nearly passed out from it before he decided to sleep on the floor. And all this happened right in a room in his in-laws. And yes, he was a virgin when it happened. The girl? I am not sure.

I was a divorce lawyer once. I have heard and read quite a few amazing reasons why a couple wanted to get a divorce but other than the one where the girl did not allow her husband to touch her at all as she was so afraid of sex, what happened to my friend really takes the cake.

And they have been going out for nearly 5 years as she was a students and he was waiting for her to finish her study. She did and it seemed that 5 years were too long. She actually had another boyfriend, who was rightly her age, unlike my friend who was 6 years her senior and I am not sure whether the fact that they really wait for their wedding night to consummate their relationship played a part.

They were divorced within 2 months and that was that. He married another after 3 years (it took sometimes for him to trust another woman) and I think the girl also had found her real love (which was not the guy she divorced my friend for).

Life, right?

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