Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Proposal movie screening

Went to watch the Proposal on Monday which starred Sandra Bullock and Mr. Green Lantern and Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds. I am still cannot believe this guy who played one third of a trio of friends in the sitcom, 2 Guys, A girl and Pizza Place before it became 2 Guys and A Girl. Remember that sitcom? One of favourite sitcom when it was aired. It is quite weird seeing him in movies which do not have the label chick flick as he seems to be in quite a few of them. Including this one.

Yep, the Proposal is a chick flick and I went to see it because it was free courtesy of Advertlets, that other blog advertising company in Malaysia. We had a small gathering before the movie (second picture) and then Josh Lim asked a few of the bloggers to come down at the front of the cinema and tried to propose to a few others. That kid in the third picture, if you can see beyond the dark, was so shy but tried to win something too. They got some prizes and then the movie started.

It was a good movie in a way but I complain a lot about Sandra Bullock being in it. I just think she is too old for the part. Ryan Reynold was too hot to be in such a movie which can filled with more young actress. He is supposed to be type who is a blabber mouth and here he was on the defensive. Which is not him at all.

It was about a proposal and it was not ordinary. One of the best part of it is the scenery. I would love to go to that place one day. The house where they filmed it will be another dream house of mine. It is big, spacious and can house 100 people. Nice.

Go watch it. Judge the movie yourself as I am a very sceptical person when it comes to love story. Not a good person to recommend such movie.