Sunday, July 5, 2009

My guilty pleasure : The Sweetest Thing

I have this film which I cannot resist to sit down and enjoy, everytime it is shown on the television. I mean, if I suddenly found it while I channel-surf, I will at least enjoy a few minutes of it or if I know there are nothing else to watch, I will be watching it thoroughly.

The film : The Sweetest Thing, which had starred Christina Applegate, Selma Blair and the affable Cameron Diaz acting in it.

The story : About 3 single girls, where most of the film is on the characters played by Applegate and Diaz living the single party girls life in a big city until one day Diaz met a guy played by Thomas Jane. He split before she could connect with her and they went on a road trip to get the guy before finding out they arrived in the small town where the guy lives that the guy is going to get married. As they turned the marriage ceremony topsy turvy, Diaz decided to abandon her mission and goes back. That is until the guy came looking for her. 

A simple story but the frankness of how girls sometimes do things that you wouldn't see in public. Sending the dress which had questionable stains (in this case, it was sperm) to laundry. Wearing goofy type of underwears. Drinking until they get sick. Experimental sexual experience. All these and then some. The main story was just so and so, but the ancillary storylines were interesting in themselves. Selma Blair was supposed to have the small part but her scenes which really are scene stealers. What Applegate and Diaz discovered when they came back from looking for the guy was hilarious. 

It involved a well-endowed man, a whole emergency unit and some singing. That was the part where I will be laughing like crazy. 

Some guilty pleasure just make my day. 
What's yours?


  1. Hmm.. my guilty pleasure? As strange as it seems, Dexter... played by Micheal C. Hall. Seeing him gay in 6 Feet Under then a serial killer here wow amazing!

  2. Come to think of it, you can sat I love that show too which has run to its 3rd season. Oh, and I love Weeds, the series, not the plant LOL