Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My European vacation

I did a small post once, at a time I just didn't have any inspiration to blog about anything. I posted some of the pictures of our vacation in Europe. I travelled to a few countries there and I actually wanted to travel to a few more. What stopped me was more of the time in which at that point I already left the office for nearly 2 weeks and as a small business, that would be too long for one partner to not be at the office.

So, I decided to come back home. When we did decided to come home, the place that we really wanted to visit was the Alps which a part of it is in Switzerland. I did managed to cross over for 15 minutes when I went to fill up petrol with my friend whose wife had an auntie who lived just across the border of Switzerland but that does not really count as we were just there for too short of a time.

What makes me recounted my travel in Europe 4 years ago is the fact that this past few weeks, news of the 20th anniversary the fall of the Berlin wall is one of the prominent news. I remembered driving from Munich, which is nearly at the far southeast of Germany to Rotterdam, which is in Netherland. It was a full day drive and thanks to the Autobahn, it was one of the best ride ever...

Why am I ranting about a vacation  I had nearly 5 years ago. Actually thinking of doing a long holiday like this again. Maybe it will be in Europe again. Or somewhere Down Under. Or maybe some other continent. We'll see...

By the Rhine river

A very, very old church in Cologne

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