Friday, November 6, 2009

Dinner conversation

I always love the idea of entertaining my friends for dinner and engage them in conversation talking about nothing and everything. My wife is also someone who agrees with me on this and we had our fair share of dinner dates where we call up a few friends to come to our house, have dinner and then have coffee. Just for the sake of asking them to the house, catching up with their life and some of them were to celebrate either a birthday or some other celebration.

Even during Eid, we don't cater out to other people but we either buy some of the food or my wife cooks from scratch. It has been a date most of my wife's friends and mine have been waiting for that we dare not cancel it the last Eid although we were actually too tired to do it.

Last night, a couple dropped by at our house and as they just came back from Vietnam, a country we never been to before, they revel us with the tales of their travel. We showed them a TV show we are currently into and then we pigged out on pizzas and junk food. We served them the non-alcoholic wine and the coffee that they brought.

I think we need to do more of these dinner invites as we really enjoyed it. Maybe this is more of what the world need. Conversation, other than just twittering...


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