Tuesday, November 10, 2009

When you laughing, the world laugh with you...

...not if you tell bad jokes they don't.

It happened a few weeks ago when I went to this monthly comedy show which I have been following. I tweeted (using Twitter) about how bad the comedian was and as I saw another celebrity in front of me, I tweeted to her known Twitter name what she was thinking of his act. She Direct Message me (maybe not wanting people to know she replies to random tweet) and said that maybe he was not prepared for the show.

Come on....

He was the first comedian to go up there and he was supposed to represent Malaysia as there were two other international comedians who were supposed to perform later. And what surprised me more was this guy had been performing long before that show. I never heard of him but he seems to be well-known to a few people.

It was bad jokes in which sex was used as the basis for it. Which is not really that rare in Malaysia nowadays. But it just didn't work that night. It was tasteless, cringe inducing and just plain bad jokes.

And two days after that, I met the celebrity I had tweeted to and mentioned about the matter. She said she was going to use her for a fund raising which involves children. Arghh.... Good luck to her on that. Hope she does not have to pull her off stage...

He really spoiled the show that night and now I am having second thought of going to this show anymore.

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