Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blogging brought my life to a new level

The title above is totally true in the way that blogging has changed my perspective of living in Malaysia. I am not really an extrovert person to begin with, although as a lawyer, I can hold my ground in any situation. I can be as talkative as anyone else or just stay quiet in a corner, as wall-flowery as any wallflower.

However, blogging has allow me to express myself in many new ways and make new friends at many events. New friends that I have befriended for the past one year plus, through blogging are more than what I have made by just existing as a lawyer.

These friends may not be those whom I hang out with on a regular basis but I have meet up with them more than all the friends in college, school or even my neighbours. Heck, most that I talk to my neighbours are about the weather and whether there is going to futsal the next week (except for one neighbour who has the same wavelength with me who can now be labelled as a 'friend' - you know who you are)

Anyway, I have been attending events or at least invited to a few which sometimes due to scheduling conflict, I couldn't attend. I do try to get to know a few other bloggers although some of them like to keep to themselves especially those who may view me as too old to be a friend.

Whatever it is, being a Malay who has been living in a Malay environment either during school, during my university days and even now, in a neighbourhood full of Malays, I have realised the need to befriend other races to get to know them better. Although it has just been just a little more than a year, blogging has made me achieve that.

I wonder what more years of blogging can bring me...

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  1. Blogging has done the same for me. I have gotten to know friends from all over the world that I've never actually seen. It has helped me to learn how similar all of us different people really are.