Friday, November 27, 2009


Advertlets is giving away movie tickets to the movie Zombieland! If you are a moviegoer, I bet you have seen the trailer to this movie which is about two different people having to team up and kill zombies. Imagine 28 Days Later or 28 Weeks Later but with fun characters. And one of them is Woody Harrelson. Yes, the Woody Harrelson who stole the show in 2012 and of Cheers fame. He is the badass in Zombieland.

If you are not an Advertlets blogger, tough luck as they are giving away tickets for the movie to those who signed up with them. The link to their offer is here - Advertlets presents : Zombieland movie tickets.

What you have to do is tell them how much you want to see Zombieland. As for me, I would eat my own hand to get movie tickets to watch it. You do know that zombie even eat their own kind? Or they are far worse than a vampire as in they do not have any brain at all.

After watching Shawn of the Dead, the movie about 2 friends who ran to their local pub when their town is infested by zombies, I am itching for something in the similar vein. I bet Zombieland is the one to fulfill my craving.

Here is the trailer of the movie :

p/s : Doesn't the poster looks old school?


  1. I saw Zombie Land and Shaun of the Dead. They're both fun movies. I think Shaun of the dead was better, but I know a lot of people prefer Zombie Land. Both movies captured the spirit of the zombie movies, and put some fun in them as well. That's a hard thing to do for a movie spoof like these.

  2. I enjoyed Zombieland alot, and we even reviewed it on our site at one point:

    If you haven't seen it yet, and you like the zombie genre, I totally recommend it. It's a lot of fun. And Woody Harrelson is always fun to watch.

  3. As the commentsa say, GO WATCH IT TO THOSE WHO HAVEN'T