Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Starbucks 11th Anniversary in Malaysia

It was a very fun even with the host using social media to invite and keep those on Facebook and Twitter in the know of what was happening at the event. With the theme masquerade, I was curious at how they can use a Starbucks in a mall to throw an event to celebrate their 11th year in Malaysia. Thanks to the emcees who one of them in Xandria Ooi and the other Starbucks area manager, which I apologise as I can't for the life of me remember his name. However I do have a picture of him in the video below.

The invite was sent to me by email but conveyed in the first instance to me through Twitter. See how important to have a social media life to get invited to a gathering of real life people nowadays? I did had to divide my time with another event but that will be another post on another day

Here are some pictures and a video of people having fun...

The cake which was mutilated by the time we arrived

Other cakes on offer

Twitter updates there and then with a screen to check yours

And this is the dance off to the tune of Jai Ho!
(the guy in yellow is the area manager)