Thursday, December 17, 2009

Where to get good steaks in Kuala Lumpur : Meatworks

When it comes to steak in Kuala Lumpur, I have been looking for a good one for quite sometime....

The problem with me is although I not really a fussy person, as I always order my steak medium rare, as I am a Muslims and always want all my steak to be certified halal. Which is not that easy in this supposedly Muslim country (yes, I am slagging my own country, like millions of other people in the world).

So, when a place called Meatworks, who is supposedly owned by a Minister's children opens up and it serves only halal approved meat, I just got to try it out. And tried it I did. Last Friday (did tried it a few months back but the offerings were not as it is now)

I was supposed to attend an event but was rejected at the last minute as the attendance was too overwhleming (some who followed me on Twitter might know this)

So, the restaurant is called Meatworks and it is located to a new trendy side of town, Soho KL.

The front

The counter where the meat are displayed

This is their biggest offering : 1 kilogram rib-eye

What I ate...

..medium rare....(a bit charred) contrast with what my wife had

My verdict : The offerings are good at Meatworks and quite reasonable too. As a carnivore who never have enough of meat, I consider the best way to taste meat is to cook them without any sauce. Then you can dip it into anything that you fancy. The sauce was a bit sweet but standing by itself, as I love charred steak, although I did order medium rare, it was good.

Go to Meatworks for great steak and not for taking dates to...

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  1. wah lao, 1 kg steak! looks way good :D imma need to go there one day, i need the help of google map tho, lol