Monday, December 7, 2009

New Moon is just a fad

Was given free tickets to watch New Moon, thanks to Project 500 which tried to get people to test their product and used the tickets as our reward for doing as such. A letdown of a reward, if you ask me. Not really impressed with this whole Twilight franchise. I rather stick to Harry Potter, though have not read Book 6 and 7. Watched all the released film and think they have done a great adaptation with the books. Ironically, Edward Cullen is in one of the Harry Potter movie before he became a bloodsucking creature.

I think the Twilight crowd are more infatuated with the actors in the movies than the storyline itself. That were what the filmakers were banking in and it worked. The audience really love the two movies for the lovey doveyness that you fill and not the story which are nothing new in the vampire myth (except for the skin shining like diamond thingy, which I find is quite ridiculous).

I still think the definitive vampire movie is Dracula with Oldman and Winona in it. You need that much blood to make a vampire movie real. Not some poster boys looking like they were going to break into a song at any moment.

Anyway, if I really want to pass judgment, I should be reading the books. Not watch the movies.

Found these stacked in my business partner room.

Maybe I'll glance through them. That is if I really have nothing to read.

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