Monday, December 14, 2009

Nothing bring people together like Friendsters?

No, this is not an attempt to promote Friendsters. I never even owned a Friendsters account. And may never own one. Especially with too many new social networking site being offered every other week. For the past one month, I have been to 2 new social networking websites launches. Actually both are applications which are taking advantage of the social networking craze currently in progress.

I did want to attend the launch of the all-new Friendsters as a few bloggers were heading there to see what it was all about but I was stuck at another event just a few blocks away. I was even supposed to go to a charity dinner after that but forgo it after checking with a friend who was at the dinner who told me it was just about eating the food more than anything. I did pay for the charity dinner tickets and I consider that as charity in itself.

As for the Friendsters launch, as the event I was in only served finger food (which did has a great scallops offering), we were still hungry after we finished with it. So, I Blackberry messaged one of the attendee at the Friendsters event and found out that some of them were still at the Starbucks of the mall where the launch took place, which was Berjaya Times Square.

We joined them and were surprised with the bloggers the who include Euveng a.k.a. Evo, Botakai, Mynjayz, JunJunRiko, ShazFX, Dila, Bryan of Bryanlyt, Pink Pork Chop and his brother with a few others. My wife, who once was quite sceptical of bloggers is nowadays quite happy to hang around them. She said she feels young hanging around some younger crowd (not we are THAT old... :P)

What was great is that the fact that as bloggers I can now consider them as friends. The best part of it, as someone who don't go out much, I can count on this guy to flex some brain muscle. Bantering with them about everything under sun and getting some blogging tips. And some photography tips too as these guys are those serious photographers whose cameras are heavier than their head.

So, though Friendsters are not in my plan in the near future, the friends from blogging are definitely are...

p/s : You do know that Friendsters which are based in California has been taken over my a Malaysian company right? Specifically MOL, a company under the Berjaya group which is owned by this conglomerate named Vincent Tan. What he wants to do with it is anyone's guess as he also owns the franchise of Borders, 7-Eleven, Starbucks and a few famous franchisors in Malaysia and a few South East Asia countries.

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