Thursday, November 19, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

(I actually didn't know that the title is a title for a book until I Googled it)

I have always been told that breakfast is the most important component of any meal within a day. If you have your breakfast, you can actually skip any other meal within that day and you should be able to sustain yourself by eating mini-meals. I mean, you can have some salad or fruits or maybe those protein shakes that I heard a lot of people is taking.

My day always starts with breakfast which can be said to be just enough. Some eggs either half-boiled or poached. Sometimes I have toasted brown breads with my eggs. Sometimes I have them with chapati, a delicacy well-known to have originated from India but not as popular as roti canai. Chapati is more well-known around the world but roti canai is said to be a Malaysian invention which can't be found even in India. It is more known as pratha there. Canai is said to have its origin from Chennai, a city in India but most of my friends who have been there said, unless you go to Malaysian restaurant, their version of pratha is very much different than what we serve in Malaysia.

So, that is the norm for me. Eggs and bread.

Sometimes, I just have chapati. Two of them.

Why I am going on about breakfast? Thanks to a politician yesterday who tweeted to me that he just have milk and cereal everyday as his lunch and dinner are sometimes too rich (as in unhealthy) for him. So, he must start his day with light breakfast. And he is much, much younger than me.

Oh, to have the luxury of choice....

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