Sunday, December 13, 2009

Local fruits : Rambutan

My mom owns a furit orchard some 30 km from town and every time the fruits are in season, my wife is more excited than me to savour the delicious fruits that Malaysia has to offer. When the season is good, we would even do some barbeque and invite clients as a way to thank them for their support. The last barbeque we had was nearly 2 years ago as these past seasons, the offerings were not that great. Maybe when it is one of those good season, I might do a blogger gathering there...

For the past one month, every time we went back to my hometown, we always made it a point to take some of these fruits home.

These are rambutans, which is best described to be a bit like the more well-known lychee. They have 'hair' on their outer skins but inside, they are exactly like lychee, except for their walnut-looking seeds. They are very sweet that doctors are known to disallow their patients who suffer from diabetic from eating them.

I am not really a fan of local fruits as I don't even eat the most famous of Malaysian fruits, durian. It will baffle a lot of those who are just getting to know me. However, once in a while, I love the rambutans that I eat them even before we reach home.

Though they usually comes in red, like the first picture, the yellow rambutans are much sweeter and rarer but are my favourite rambutans.

And ants too....

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