Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday is bad?

Today is Friday the 13th all over the world. Some is in the midst of it and some is still on the eve of it. There are a lot of explanation about what Friday the 13th connotes. Some say the number 13th itself is a bad number. Even Chinese believe it as 1 + 3 makes 4 and 4 is equate to death in the Chinese language. Then there are a lot of bad luck which is associated with the number 13.

Then Friday is considered bad luck by some. Some say there was a lot of Black Friday which had happened and these are in reference to stock markets. There are other tales which had been told regarding what happens on Friday. Canterbury Tales and others had shown us what happened on Fridays.

When you combine both, you get 2 unlucky things happenings at once. So, they say...

For me, I don't believe one bit of this numerical things at all. Especially when I am as a Muslim. I have to just oppose the equation of Friday being the bad day of the week.

For Muslims, Friday is the holiest of the holiest days. It is our Holy Day. Some states in Malaysia has their weekends on Fridays and they work on Sunday. Not easy when the world do it the other way. But they still managed to do all that one needed to do to live.

Maybe that is why Friday is considered bad by certain people but good by certain people. Bad things happened to one side but good things happened to the other side.

Histories are written by the one who wins...

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  1. I didn't realize that this was Friday The 13th. Here they always make a big deal out of it. I think it's supposed to be fun to pretend that it's a bad luck day. As a joke they talk about it on the news to scare people. I usually don't pay much attention. I only find out when I have to write the date on something.