Thursday, November 12, 2009

Never been there but...

I still have a few continents which I would like to see before I die. My favourite was once America, either the pop-culture capital which is US of A or the Americas as in South America in countries such as Argentina or Brazil or maybe anyone of the island in the Caribbean. Nowadays, these countries don't really hold any interest for me. Maybe the Islamophobia makes me feel unsafe if I travel there. I actually don't know anything specific about this but the media made me says it.

Another country I would love to go is either Greece or Japan. I think they have great historical significant to the whole wide world that it would be nice to go and see for yourself what they have to offer in the real sense. My wife really wants to go to India but I don't. Maybe one day we will.

We love to travel and one of our dream is to travel the world. So, it may happen sooner or later....

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