Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to spend a Saturday...

...and spent RM38.20 (USD11.23) in parking fees.

Was parked at the Suria KLCC which is the mall right under the Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower from 8am until 10.30pm last Saturday. There were 3 events that I attended although only planned for 1 event there and another event at another place.

I was really there as a driver for my wife and supposed to spend my time writing my books. That was it. Then saw a few bloggers whom I knew and decided to join in. That was the MySimplified Community Meet-Up (full post later).

Then decided to go to PC Fair with Serge a.k.a. Dustyhawk, a blogger friend (which I also will dedicate a post to).

Then a friend offered my wife and I tickets to High School Musical : Summer Celebration for free (I'll explained why we went thought we are NOT fans in another post).

In between these events, we did went for a massage at a nearby hotel as the other theater show that we wanted to watch (which has Niki Cheong's acting in Swimming Instructor - a mature audience theater show and is still on until 13th December 2009 at KLPac)

After the High School Musical show, we caught up with the friend's life at a nearby cafe.

That is how you spend your Saturday at one of the most expensive property in town and pay a very high parking fee. Which I can get at a better price and at a better space (jockey parking at a nearby hotel), if I had knowm that it will cost me that much...


  1. whoooa. rm38 is pretty much to be spent on parking wei. u kena saman in pj for illegal parking cost only Rm30!

  2. Ya lah, shud just park illegally somewhere but just afraid will get towed