Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Tune Hotel Kuala Lumpur stay

The day before we were to be taking a ride in a bus to Singapore, we decided to sleep at a budget hotel whose some of the shareholders are the same as those who owns AirAsia, that budget airline. Using the name Tune Hotel, we were curious how bad and downtrodden is the hotel. It is located at a place which is kind of dodgy as just down the road is a place where drug addicts and prostitutes are known to frequent.

We heard the stories about the hotel not providing air conditions, about having to bring your own towels and about having to rent everything. It was half-true as you do have to rent those things but they do have enough for you to have a good night sleep.

They offer no television and no room service. What they have are 5 options for you to add on to the comfortable bed and the hot shower. You can rent the air condition for 12 or 24 hours; towels with toileteries; wifi; breakfast or an insurance package. You can opt to not add anything and you may be paying just RM50-00 for the room. The check in time is at 2pm like any other hotel but check-out is quite early at 10am. They do have a Subway outlet at the lobby and a 7-Eleven.

They call their concept as 'Limited Service Concept' and I actually have experience the same concept in Paris at a hotel owned by the Accor group. That one is a much cheaper and lower scale concept. The concept is enough for us who was staying for less than 12 hours as our bus was at 7am. To me, it was a convenience which is affordable and what is important is the comfort.

Here are some pictures of our stay :

Reception. Easy registration but there is a deposit for the towel

The lobby has the convenience store and a cafe

The corridor is clean and well-lit

There's an ironing board and a laundry area

The comfortable bed and those are our towels

The air condition which you have to pre-pay

Power shower

We first thought there was TV but it was just a place to put your stuff or act like a table

One thing we notice are the advertisements plastered everywhere in the room and the corridors

My verdict? It is good enough for budget travelling be it you are a businessman or for leisure. If you want to spend at a foreign country, you can spend it on other things. Just like if you take a flight...

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