Monday, November 2, 2009

Food galore in Singapore

When I was in Singapore the other week, on the final day we were there, we went to look for the dishes which have now seem to be a must for us to look for it whenever we are in town. The weird thing is, these foods are so common in Malaysia that I even sometimes have them nearly a whole week, every single day.

However, due to the nostalgic nature of the food, my wife and I have made it a must every time we are in Singapore. Since 2006 we have frequented Singapore and never have I neglected to have these 2 meals. Murtaba' and beriyani.

Last Sunday, we had both. I had my chicken beriyani and my wife had lamb beriyani. Then we shared the chicken murtabak which we did not managed to finish. We put it inside a doggy bag and brought it home to Malaysia.

It is not like we cannot find the same food in Malaysia. Heck, there is this one restaurant down the road from my office which claim they also serve Singaporean Murtabak. It is just that when I was a wee lad, my dad love to take me to Singapore for the food. Maybe, the memory just stuck with me...

And I am alsomarried someone who love them as much as me....


  1. Selalunya sama gak tapi kalau ke Singapore sure cari nya