Thursday, October 29, 2009

What has been happening here?

This is very rare for me as I have never really been away from blogging for so long since September last year. I did not even update or commented on any blog since one week ago which was one day before I went to Nuffnang Awards in Singapore. I know some of you have had enough of that award show but I do want to tell my side of the story. Let me give my perspective of it and it may not be as beautiful as some of the 'sponsored' post try to make it be. Heck, if you look closely between the line, you may even find a few disgruntle updates here and there.

Some of the post I need to put up is :

1) The people at the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards on 23.10.09;
2) The tour of Singapore courtesy of Tourism Singapore on 24.10.09;
3) My stay in Tune Hotels Kuala Lumpur a day before the Nuffnang's Singapore trip on 22.10.09;
4) The disastrous Comedy Club Kuala Lumpur show outing on 21.10.09;
5) The free show at the new Actors Studio Kuala Lumpur on top of Lot 10 a week before that;
6) The launch of the Bob Dylan Oris watch;
7) My 3 days getaway at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside;
8) The new John Grisham book which is made for movie more than ever;
9) My weight which is yo-yo-ing like a er....yo-yo?;
10) My birthday celebration and the 'present' that I got from my wife

That is the 10 that I can think of right now. There are still 3 hours before I have to check-out from this hotel in Putrajaya. I am going to make the most of it and catch on my blogging later. See you guys in a few...


  1. It's good to see that your writing is back again after a week. Your blogs are always some of my favorite. I look forward to reading your planned posts.

  2. Thanks for that. I think you are my only fan...