Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am glad Beyonce didn't come to Malaysia

There is a big hoopla about Beyonce not coming to Kuala Lumpur this 25th October, just 2 days before my birthday. I had actually planned to go to the concert and let my wife who is the one who really wanted to go to the concert to enjoy herself. I have not bought the tickets yet although I got an invite to go to the Beyonce pre-concert party last week in which you could even win an upgrade for your tickets. I was planning to buy it this week but my plan was further delayed when I got an invite at the end of last week for a fully sponsored trip to Singapore for this little thing called the Nuffnang awards.

It is not the Nuffnang award night which my wife and I are really looking forward too (we feel we are too old to be excited about something which we are not going to be participating in full except as audience). We are also not that excited because we have never been to Singapore. We actually have made Singapore our yearly destination since 2006 as we tried to catch a lot of theater shows which did not makes  its round yet to Malaysia.

As for my wife, she intends to shop although we have just been back from the Singapore sale in June. Go figure...

We are excited to go to Singapore as it is FREE. That is it. Free ride and accommodation. Not the food, but just those two. Quite a half past six deal actually as most tour usually have the food part included but I think the organiser is on a tight budget and couldn't get any sponsor for the food. But, what the heck. I take what I can and hope to have fun there. Considering it as my early birthday present....

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  1. Wow! First time to Singapore! Have fun! :)

    I'll be there that weekend too, but not for Nuffnang Awards lah.