Friday, October 16, 2009

Cheerio Day

Was invited to a birthday party of someone turning 21. As someone who is nearing 35 (Gah!!! That is just around the corner), never have though I will be coming to a birthday party of someone turning 21. I am the youngest in my family and my wife is also in the 3 series bracket. So, logically, I don't have friends in that age bracket. Until I joined the blogging community and meet all sorts of friends. Who is she? She is an awesome blogger who has a lot of friends. I was invited to her birthday and was just there to wich her a great birthday.

So, Missy Cheerio or Ellie in her real life turned 21. Advertlets was kind enough to throw her a birthday party and as you only turn 21 once, of course it was awesome. It was at Heritage Mansion. near Heritage Row ,Kuala Lumpur It started at 10pm until late. Really late. I left by 12pm as old people need more sleep than younger people. Read her postings about the event here and here.

Here are some pictures from my camera :

The place people can sign and leave birthday wishes

 Me and birthday girl

The cake

The special drink

Yep, flaming lambo...

Pictures of the awesome place, Heritage Mansion

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