Thursday, October 22, 2009

I have been to Singapore before...

I think in one of my last posting about my impending trip to Singapore this Friday, I have put out wrongly that I have never been to Singapore. Even my wife had commented that I wrote as if we have never been to Singapore. Maybe how I worded my

I actually have frequented Singapore in 2 different times.

One as a kid when my parents were posted in Johor Bahru as Felda officers. I remembered those time as the time Singapore was the choice shopping destination. I remembered my father always bringing me to this place called Geylang and Arab Street for us to enjoy murtabak.

As I become an adult, Singapore become more expensive and even their citizens cross over to come to our shore to shop. As I become more culturally affluent, they have more and more interesting musical talents and theater shows. I have been going there on a one-night stay just to enjoy certain theater shows which I have missed when I was in London. I still went to the same murtabak shop in Arab Street just to enjoy the food.

So, tomorrow, I will be going to Singapore on a sponsored trip with Nuffnang. I hope for it to be good as it is sponsored by Tourism Singapore whose branch at Orchard Road I went into the last time I was there. Quite impress with their amenities there and has high expectation of their hospitality...

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