Thursday, October 15, 2009

Late night returns

My wife and I seem to be to a lot of events these days. We live within an area where most people are asleep by 10pm or at least have retire to their house much earlier. There are rarely people hanging out or have parties or make much noise within the area. There are a few youths within our area, like in a any other housing estate, but they usually hang out in the confine of their house or at the local coffee shops which are 3 km away. So, basically, after 10pm, our housing area is very quiet.

When we come back late, with our cats excitedly meowing when they know we just came back and the sound of our car, it is quite hard for us to keep our arrival low-key. Our house is in between houses which are occupied by couples who have small kids and babies. They have good relations with us and as we are nearly the same age, they did raised the issue of the noises we make. We do know our neighbourly duty and we do try to keep it down.

However, being just the two of us, it is not easy to spend time just within the confine of our house for our daily activity. Even if we are in, we love to watch movies or television series. And as we love comedy, the sound of us laughing can still be heard even if we close the door.

Maybe that is why living in apartments or condominiums are great for people like us as most of them are soundproof and it buffered the sound of canned laughter and our laughter when we are having too much fun...

Even if you are in corner lot you can still disturb your neighbours with your late night returns

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