Monday, October 12, 2009

This Blog Anniversary

Today is this blog one year anniversary.

Although this is really more of a diary especially with regards to my relationship with my wife, family and friends, I consider this as a place where I go just to chill and not being a lawyer. More of a human than a cold calculating machinated person lawyers are supposed to be. A person with feelings and understanding. My wife did say that a blog about men and women and relationship will never runs out of ideas. I hope so.

I have filled this blog with sexual stories which seem to be a favourite among a few of my friends. Some I got through experience and some are actually work of fiction.

One year is nothing. Like all relationship, it is just a number that you build year after year. As a celebration, maybe I will change the layout or something. Stay tune...

Here's to many more...


  1. congratulations and happy blogversary!:)

  2. So, it's true. Lawyers ARE cold calculating machinated persons. Tsk tsk tsk ...

    And here's to many more!

    Blogversaries. Not cold calculating machinated lawyers.


  3. setahun..dah bergigi tu
    bolahlah mengigit lebih kuat..:p