Monday, October 5, 2009

Open Communication

I always believe in a relationship, regardless of the feelings of the parties or the arguments that may ensure, the best way to foster that relationship is to talk. You may want to sulk in a corner and cry your eyes out. That will be fine too but the best way to keep on talking to each other after that.

Sometimes, as a man, although people say men who sulk look ugly, I sulk too. And sometimes it become a silent treatment competition between the two of us. Then the monotony will break, either because there are only the two of us or because of friends, things will be okay again. Do we let what happened to be something we let go and just be water under the bridge?

Usually, we still talk about it. And I think that is for the best...


  1. i agree. i believe that communication is the lifeblood of every form of relationship. it's one thing that keeps a relationship going and working.

  2. Communication is a key in our life. Great communication will keel the harmony of a relationship :)