Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How jealous should a partner be?

Weird huh? To ask this question. In these modern time surely there are no man or woman jealous enough to make their partner too restrictive in their movement. But, without any jealousy it all, a relationship, I believe, cannot be sustained.

Being jealous is being caring.

However, it is still need to be done in moderation. If both of you are working, it will be impossible for any one of you does not deal with any other people. What is important is for you to get to know your partner's colleagues. Do know what happen in your partner's life at work and who is who?

I am one of the jealous type and my wife was too of my business partner when she just got to know me. The solution for us to bypass our jealousy was different.


  1. i'm not the jealous type, so far. i prefer to think that life's too short for jealousy :). but i do agree and aware that "being jealous is being caring"

    thx for the post. glad that i read this !


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