Sunday, January 24, 2010

#talitenang : social media at its best

One of our leader in Malaysia just announced his displeasure of his fellow Muslims obsession with Facebook and Twitter as it may make them too absorbed in these social media tool that they forgot their duty to Allah (which is another issue altogether). They showed back their displeasure of him by dissing him in Twitter, making him so famous that he became the second trending topic ever from Malaysia. You can know more about him by googling #yorais and a whole lot of explanation can be found.

As much as I want to say that was one of the best show of force by Malaysian on how a rallying call can happen creating a perfect storm which may bring down a person political career, that was one bad use of social media. Social media at its worse, if you must.

Then today, my faith in social media is restored. We walked from one point to another to promote the fact that Malaysians are united. 400 people confirmed in the Facebook page saying they will turn up but only 250 people turned up (which is quite okay) and the organiser, Random Alphabet only promoted it using social media.

It was a small event which people will promote its success through news, blogpost and other social media. It did see people from all walk of life in Malaysia coming together. You can see more photos at my Facebook profile : kruel74 profile

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