Friday, January 8, 2010

2010, the year I travel

As of today, 8th of January 2010, I have booked three tickets for travel around Asia. I am trying to travel to a few countries this year and I am gunning for 4 continents at least. As of now, I'll start with these three booked dates. They are just around Malaysia, except for one which will require 8 hours plus of flight.

One island getaway which I had booked not realising one is on Valentine's day which I never celebrate. My wife will be happy to know we will be spending it on the island which we honeymooned years ago. 2003 to be exact. We loved it then and then disaster struck it in the form of a tsunami in 2004. Nearly the whole island town was gone. Now they say things are back to normal but a bit expensive.

I am talking about Phi Phi Island which is between Phuket and Krabi. We did try going there last year but a short-lived pregnancy terminated that trip. So, this February, I am going to travel to Phuket, straight away go to its ferry terminal, ride the afternoon ferry to Phi Phi Island, spend 3 nights there and then go to Krabi, which I never been to before and then fly off the next day. All is more or less below RM3,000. I think it is a steal. I am going to just lay there and not move and enjoy the view [Last them I was there, no one care to even cover up... :)]

Then in March (I know, bad right, talking about beach and babe then this), I am going to Mecca and Medina which is a small pilgrimage for my wife and I. I did went there in 1986 and I had wanted to go back ever since. And yes, I was there when I was 12 years old (as a gift from my parents when I managed to score 5As in the now defunct Penilaian Darjah 5).

Then in May, I am going to Singapore for Chicago the Musical which I missed when I was in London.

And these trips are not the end of it. For now, in the pipeline, there's Bali, Gold Coast and London. Maybe a few other local trips in between.

Yes, 2010 will be the year, I travel....Really travel....

Gonna be relaxing first in Phi Phi before all those other travels


  1. woohooo!! sounds like fun! enjoy yourself! (walaupun jeles).

  2. Cool! Hope you and wifey have a great time. Hope the amount of traveling doesn't get too tiring, tho.. I know for me, way back when, every plane ride was a treat, but now, I just want it to end as soon as possible and get to the destination... ooold oredi! :D

  3. I hope you have fun during your travels. I have never been able to travel very far, so I envy anyone who can.