Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lifestreaming is killing my blogs

I am an avid user of Twitter and Facebook nowadays. They are not something really new in my life but for Twitter, I just realised its potential in being a way to document every single thing in my life as it happens and I can write, creatively or uncreatively, even with pictures and links, in 140 words and people can straight away comment on what I am doing. I am actually having real life conversation in real time with it. Hey, that is what I should tell people who just don't get Twitter the next time.

I have 2 blogs which I update constantly last year. This one and another called Legal Cat-asthrophe. I actually push the pause button my life as I was too immersed in these 2 blogs. Bad move. I nearly lost a book deal and may have not graduated at all from my second degree (which I still need to send in ONE LAST ASSIGNMENT). My existence then was go to places, events and live life while in my spare time, I update my blogs.

As I grow and grow, blog-wise, I was killing my real time social life (which was not that much but it does have a wife in there somewhere). I know that my wife supported my in my 'hobby' but it does put a strain on my obsession with trying to be too faithful to my blogs. Notice that I don't put too faithful to my blogreader? I don't think I have enough to justify living for them...

Anyway, I have lived my blog life for the past 2 years and I gained new friends through them but blogging is not a priority anymore. People did live blogging and use site such as Tumbler etc but as for me, Twitter and Facebook is the best way to lifestream your life. I found the word Lifestream when I joined the last session of Social Media Club Kuala Lumpur where they did a Skype conference with a guy from USA (which I just can't remember his name but a supposed technology evangelist who predicts a lot of things technologically). So, that was what I was doing all this time by updating my Twitter and Facebook in real-time.

Then, a Minister in Malaysia issue a statement we shouldn't be too obsesses with Facebook and Twitter. Especially, the Muslims he said...Yea, right. Then why is the Prime Minister suddenly want to engage with the people. Isn't he your boss? Foot in mouth anyone?

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