Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Social Media Club, #TwtClub, #Tweetup and events

I know I have neglected my blog for quite sometimes but I was too busy doing things which actually relate to social media network itself. Just imagine this. Since New Year, even on New Year's Eve itself, I have been to three #Tweetups (Twitter Meet-ups). One of it was an unintentional meeting of a group of people I got to know through blogs and Twitter during New Year's Eve.

Then on the 2nd of January, I joined a tweetup which is the inaugural meeting of the #Twtclub which is actually short for Tweet Clubbing not Tweet Club, in which the former was a meeting to go clubbing and the latter is like a book club (?). It was really no problem for me as I had fun and even managed to close a deal....

As for the next day, I went for a real #Tweetup called #SembangLebat2010 which was a discussion among those who know each other through whatever social network either blogs, Twitter or Facebook. It was about everything under the sun and then some...

As I was saying, the internet actually brought me more real friends in life than any other real life. I was also privileged to get business, get new contacts and even had healthy discussion about computer, blogging, business, law, politics and all the thing you will talk with your friends if you ever meet them

I am proud to say that as much as my absence online, it actually due to me turning up off-line.

What you bring into the real world is the real reason why you are here....

As is now my norms, pictures of a few of the event can be found here in my Facebook profile :

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