Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If your street is too quiet, throw a street party at a neighbouring street

I have a very quiet street thanks to the fact that one half of my street is occupied by the original settler of my neighbourhood, which are the native of Kampung Air Kuning or better known as the Bukit Cerakah area. As I have been joining the neighbouring street for the past few years in their street party which get more and more happening, my wife and I never miss any one of their invite. I play futsal with them, go to various gathering and the street party is a must for us.

Last Saturday, I joined them again. It started tamely enough with people enjoying the two grilled lambs and the special sauce thanks to a real life chef who makes black pepper sauce so good that people steal off for their own use (me too!). We teased a neighbour of us posted to Korea with a direct to Facebook photo where we tag his name showing us eating the lamb.

Then, the game for the kids started with kids of various age until 12 years of age got the chance to win something. Then something for the ladies with a musical chair. Then a men only event where we had to find a few things such as a coin from 2000 (which is quite hard to find actually). Then the men asked for a musical chair event for themselves where the order of the day was pandemonium. The final three participants were brawling for the chair before a clear winner can be determine.

Then at 12am, we actually had a karaoke session after clearing the street of any debris. It was dun, it was loud and it was a bonding experience. I love the camaraderie and the way they accepted us albeit we came from a different street. I hope in the end it will be extended to all but as they say, a small start is a good start too.

Here are some pictures from my Blackberry but for better ones go to their own website at this link : U11-5 Bukit Bandaraya :

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