Friday, March 25, 2011

Women : 100 - 100 years celebration of International Women's Day

This weekend is the final weekend for the celebration of Women : 100. An initiative by the newly revamped Kakiseni is now led by Low Ngai Yuen who is of the 3R fame but now turn film director and activist, especially any initiative geared towards women empowerment.
Ngai Yuen (in the jeans jacket) meeting the celebrities
The Women : 100 celebration is a 100 hours celebration of performing arts (among others) and there is only less than 48 hours left. I think it is a good initiatives which reached out to a lot of people and they are currently being held in a few places around like the Annexe Gallery, Celebrities Club and The Actors Studio on the rooftop of Lot 10.

Calista and Nadia ready to bang some pots

They are also organising flashmobs which has dancing and like last week the one that I participate with Nadia Heng, the current Miss World/Malaysia. We were at Pavilion and we banged pots and pans to a percussion sounds to show that cutlery are not to be used for violence against women.

The celebrities that day

Chelsia Ng being interviewed

Check out Women : 100 Facebook page on what has been done and what will this weekend has to offer. I was told the final one involves some stripping. And go participate. You will have a great time and be changed of your perception about women. Even if you can't find the time, please read all the activities they have done and why they did them.

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