Monday, March 28, 2011

Michael Buble in concert

A late post...

The banner announcing the concert was up a day before
Michael Buble came to Malaysia, performed and captured the hearts of his fans (mostly women) with his performance on 13th March 2011. I was there, I enjoyed it and I think he did managed to connect with his fans on a different level than a few other artistes I have attended their concert before. And this was on a rainy night and at a venue rarely used as a concert venue in Malaysia (though very much near my own house)

Only a fan like my wife would want a picture with his poster even in the rain
Expensive concert t-shirts anyone?
The first I heard of him is when he was to release his first album and the joke was on how to pronounce his name. Buble? Bubble? I even got his first album for free in some obscure press conference which I actually forgot as soon as I attended it. That was either in 2002 or 2003. As I said, I only remember it obscurely...

The lighting was amazing
At the concert that day, he walked from one end of the stage to the other end, he tried to reach a few of the fans sitting in front, he comes down from the stage and walk to a mini stage at the centre of the hall. When he introduced his band, he named the band-member and then he make jokes, while explaining how and why that particular person is on the band. He then let the band play a jamming session. His band is like the big band of old. 

He was up there....

...then he was down there
The opening act of Najwa is also a good one and although it was raining that night, the hall was totally full. Michael Buble also announced that he will take a break after the concert and as he is already engaged, rumor has it that he will be married soon.

He was at this stage...

...then he walked to this smaller stage
All the best to him either on being a married man and on his musical journey....

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