Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Merong Mahawangsa

Let me be brief....

I love the movie as I would love a Hong Kong movie (and yes, I know that they get all the help they can from there). Hollywood doesn't have nothing against Hong Kong and Bollywood movie.  In my opinion, film like Wanted was a glorified Hindustan movie. Kamal Hasan did it much, much better. Or Shah Rukh. Or Jackie Chan. What Hollywood has is beautiful people who are sculpted into what we see when there are award shows.

That is where I think Merong Mahawangsa has fail. The casting. Not the acting, mind you. I think there are better actors out there. Not nit-picking everyone's acting but I think someone else can be a better Merong. Just the Batman sounding people who try to sound graft and wise while not doing their voice any credit. 

And Dato' Rahim Razali hair. Come on.....Why must it be that ugly? Thomas & Guys can't help you izzit?

Anyway, do go and watch it. It is an epic and commendable effort from KRU Studio. The juggernaut in entertainment breakthrough in Malaysia, if you ask me. Enough to make Metrowealth a run for their money.

And thanks to Beautiful Nara.com for hosting us on 12th of March 2011. Review from this great Malaysia entertainment website about Merong Mahawangsa can be found here.

Bro Nara giving his thumb up

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