Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Mas Travel? Where?

I consider for this year, this is the best piece of branding I can find. "I Mas Travel", which sounds so like 'I Must Travel'. A fan website for those who travels using MAS, Malaysia Airline System. The original Malaysia air carrier.

The place : Neo Luxe Lounge
Last few weeks, MAS invited bloggers from a few blog companies to come for an event where it was touted as MAS Bloggers Party. I was surprised to find the two warring blog advertising companies there (I know, I make it sound so confrontational) at one event. As I was there under the invitation of Advertlets, I just let you guys decide the name of their competitor. MAS must have organised the event themselves without actually using one or the other blog advert company.

Some of the bloggers
Jojo Struys introducing the entertainer with his kompang like drum from Africa
Anyway, it was held at NEO Luxe Lounge in Jalan Sultan Ismail and it was an entertaining event. We got some goodie bags, we played some games, was entertained with some Haka dance and were feted with some good food. 


Wannabe sumo wrestlers

We were also briefed about what is iMas Travel website is all about and a blog contest which you can find our more at MAS Traveller website. Why not join Mas Traveller now and join in the fun. 

MAS Golden Lounge in KLIA

Inside MAS airplane when we were off to London
As someone who has been travelling with MAS for sometimes, I can say, they are at par with so many other airlines. I just love it when I was from London and Sydney last year and I get to eat my favourite nasi lemak and read my local newspaper as I board the MAS flight.

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