Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am really at a stage where I think I already have everything I ever want. 

Of course, people say, you can never have too much money. Or friends. Or time. Or...(insert opinion). You will crave so many thing even if you are envied by everyone who ever met you.

I sold my car nearly a year ago. I thought I will last one of two month about it. My wife was kind of furious when I sold it as I used up the profit that we made on one of our first property investment to buy it, in the first place. She did say consider it as my birthday gift and you can read bout that car here.

It is actually nearly one year since I sold that car. We are currently still travelling around town in a car which I bought 5 years ago. It will reach its 200,000 km in a few weeks but it still in a good condition.

I did think of buying another car but for since we own this just one car, although I do find it difficult to move around at will, I find it nice to have the luxury of spending time together as my wife pick me up from work and not rushing too much to get home as we enjoy our evening.

That to me, is happiness...

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