Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Foursquare Meetup Day at Tune Hotels Kota Damansara

Foursquare is one of my indulgence which has no reason or rhyme for it. I mean, why tell everyone where you are or what you are doing? No wonder it was one of Times 50 worse invention ever. Heard about the parody website 'Please Rob Me?'. Yes, there are too many pros and cons about FourSquare that it is the perfect media for some promotion like what Tune Hotels did.

On 16th June 2010, a few of the social media people were invited to the newest Tune Hotel in Kuala Lumpur at Kota Damansara. Located at Sunsuria Avenue, the Tune Hotel lobby is not on ground level but on the 5th floor of the mall. You have to wait for the elevator (like those who accompany me that day here and go to hotel's lobby on the higher floor)

Just follow the signage if you can't find it.
What do social media people do on FourSquare Day? We talk a bit of course but we also look down on our PDA and smartphone and tell our friends on Twitter, Facebook and of course, FourSquare, we are having fun meeting old and new friends.

This was not my first time in a Tune Hotel as I have stayed in their hotels in mid-town Kuala Lumpur when I had to catch an early bus at 7am due to a trip to Singapore and one time due to the need to catch an early flight to Thailand (there seem to be a trend here). Anyway, their hotels room are a bit cramp but what you can find for a good night sleep are all there.

They have a new hotel in London  at the Westminster area and as I am always following Tune Hotels on twitter, I have known this for quite some time and as I have a trip to London this September, I may just be one of the first to get a room there.

I really hope their promise to be a 5-star experience at a 1-star price will be extended to more countries so that people who just want to sleep in hotel rooms then explore the place they are vacationing can get an affordable accommodations.

To get news of good deals, follow them on Twitter and Facebook

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