Friday, June 11, 2010

Toy Story 3

Thanks to Advertlets, I was invited to the launching of the Toy Story 3 media conference which was held at Center Court, Midvalley Megamall. The media event happened at 4pm on 11th of June 2010. This is nearly 6 days ahead of its opening day in cinema worldwide. 

It was an exciting event, hosted by Azura of the Disney Channel and she kept the crowd (who mostly consist are adults acting like kids) excited with questions about Toy Story. One of the question that stumped the audience is "What is that alien which like to make this sound", she then went "Wooo....". Very much like that alien which actually is named as 'Little Green Men'. 

In this installation of Toy Story, the toys are left behind when their owner, Andy, left for college. They were then donated to Sunnyside Daycare where grubby little hands played with them. Hard.... There are new toys in the movie and they are as fun as the old toys. Together, they embody the tagline of the movie "The Great Escape" as seen on the poster held by the VIPs at the launch of the movie at Midvalley.

As with the other Toy Story 1 and 2, there is a short film at the start of Toy Story 3. It is called Night and Day (a tongue in cheek to Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz?) about day and night which learned to live with each other. And what is Toy Story without it's music. This time by Gypsy King. And as all movie nowadays you have to wait for end credits before you see secret scenes and such, wait till this one finishes too.

I really think that movie like Toy Story 3 brings out the child in you. Look at these bloggers like Sham Hardy and Leonard Chua being excited as they took pictures with Buzz Lightyear and Woody (on the left side out of frame) who was flown from Hong Kong Disneyland.

Go see the movie as it will bring back fond memories. It will be in cinema nationwide this June 17th.

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