Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Samsung SMART TV Launch

A few weeks ago in April, I was invited to witness a new revolution in television watching. I did asked myself how smart can a television be as internet seems to be hogging the limelight when it comes to television. It seems that Samsung is one step faster in adapting that as the SMART TV system is not juts about the television. It is also an entertainment system, a computer system you can hook to the television, the 3-D glass that you need to view your favourite show and of course, sound.

As we registered, we were given a 3-D viewing piece for us to see how 'real' television viewing can be. Needless to say, being the blogger we are, we were already playing around with the buttons on it and trying out the spectacles. 

The event was graced by Mr. Yu Jai Sul, the Managing Director of Samsung Malaysia, who pointed out "As we enter a new era of immersive experience, Samsung has redefined the visual elements that make our TVs the centerpiece of any room". Although he is pointing the obvious, it cannot be denied that it is true that rarely does a house does not have a television. Even if you do not watch television, you will use it as a place for you to play video games in so many consoles and use it like I do, as a computer.

A launch gimmick follows with Mr Yu and Dato' Lee Chong Wei breaking a wall to show the new experience coming to your home and then we were presented with the new television and entertainment system.

It was quite impressive and you can just reach out and touch the persons inside the screen (Don't you just wish that?)

The 3D experience is thanks to Samsung 3D LED TVs with stunning clear 3D pictures with the world's best panel technology and proprietary image-improving techniques. The world's fastest unique double-rate frame transition technology reduces the picture frame transition by 50 percent to enhance the viewing quality of 3D content. There is also '3D' sound so that you will run aware scared when the goes in the television says "Bo!"

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