Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mumbai, our travel the world agenda continues

On Wednesday, 27th of April 2011, with the long weekend of 1st May just a few days ahead, we are heading to Mumbai, India. A place I have been resisting to go for quite some time but love makes you do a lot of thing you will never do by yourself. 

My wife is a lover of India, the country, although I never seen her watched any Indian movie, either Hindustan or Tamil. She has been buggering me to add India as one of our destination. I resisted and she actually arranged for us to go herself.

As we are going in less than 24 hours and I hate not knowing what is there to expect, we have been going around getting some travel experience from a few people. People like Vinod, whose wife is living there; Jahabar who is the man-about-town, whose love for India or anything Indian made us follow him for his Indian culinary tour every other day and Euveng who thinks we are mad to go to India for a holiday.

So, wish us well, and let us bring good memories from this country which I wish prove me wrong in  the perceptions that were given to us.

p/s - Above are food which we may eat over in Mumbai

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