Monday, May 23, 2011

Nestle Drumstick Almond Thrill

New ice cream by Nestle ice cream which is true to its name : Almond Thrill. Full of almond and in terms of thrill, that too. Is it tasty? Let me paint you a picture. You are living in a country where after a full blast of storm and rain, the weather can go back to between 35 to 40 degree Celsius. What better way to cool yourself than grabbing some ice cream. Here was the weather on the day we were given a preview of the new ice cream, and we were sitting just below the sun in Sunway Giza:

The event was launched by Mr Chew Soi Peng, Executive Director of Ice Cream Dvision of Nestle Products Sdn Bhd. The new Nestle Almond Thrill drumstick ice cream joins all the other well-known Nestle drumstick ice cream such as Vanilla Got Nuts, Chocolate Blast and Kit Kat. 

In conjunction with the new flavour, there is a contest which you can join and the prize is RM57,000 in total. Convey how you like to live your adventure with Nestle drumstick by Liking the Facebook page of Nestle drumstick at After that register as a member of the Nestle drumstick Almond Thrill 'What’s Yours?' Facebook Application at

Then, upload a video  of not more than 2 minutes long based on the theme onto the Facebook app or you can claim a video shot at any NESTLE DRUMSTICK® ALMOND THRILL "What’s yours?" on-ground event listed on Just look at the way you can have fun and try to win yourself some money at where we had the launch in Sunway Giza.

Easy isn't it?

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