Monday, April 11, 2011

Brand's 14-Days "Get Smart" Challenge

The first entry for this blog post was done at 7 am on 30th March 2011, a wet Wednesday morning and I am up, doing some work in my office. I was up since 4.30am as I had to send my wife to LCCT, the low-cost airport, as she is going on a long overdue holiday with her. I didn't sleep after sending her but went straight to my office. And yes, it was helped by the 4th bottle of Brand's which I started to take on 26th of March 2010.

On 27th March 2011, a Sunday, I did something I never did before. An adrenaline rush sport which consist of doing flying fox, balancing myself on steps made from pipes nearly 50 feet from the ground and sliding down trees. I am not those who did all these when I was in school, which was more than 20 years ago but I can just described it as fun. The adventure I had was courtesy of the Skytrex-Adventure at Taman Pertanian. Below are some pictures of what I did that day. Drinking Brand's again helped me.

As I handled a few businesses at any one time, I also have to divide my time to manage them properly. And that is not all. I am also a very social animal. I usually don't go home before it is 1 o'clock in the morning. Every Tuesday, Saturday and (just recently) Sunday, I always hang-out at a bar in town listening to music of old being played by a favourite father and son band. Although relaxing in a bar may need that much brain muscle but needing to wake up at 6am and go to work, does make a supplement like Brand's important in my life. As on some days, I give seminars which are based on the books that I have written while I am writing a new book.

Every weekend, for the past 3 months, I have been trekking jungles around the Klang Valley and as it is usually done on Sundays, I need to divide my time between these activities and living a proper balance wok-life relationship.

Then last week, starting from Sunday, 3rd of April 2011 until last night, 10th of April 2011, anyone in Malaysia would have caught the F1 fever. What a fever it was. Parties were held every single day and as someone who tried to use this opportunity to network with as many people as possible, it did take it tolls. The pictures below are just some of the parties which I attended. Yesterday, the day of the race where I woke up at 6am to trek the Gasing Hill, have lunch, hang-out with a few friends while we watched the F1 race, then drove to Sepang for the final STYLO event before joining my friend for what we called our #rockapak session, I am so tired that I could have just take a day-off today. But, I didn't.

The 14-Days "Get Smart" Challenge was not really a challenge as it actually helped me living my already hectic life. The event on 25th March where Brand's announced its new ambassador in Rynn Lim had helped realised how Brand's is the supplement that I need and should have taken long ago.

And it seems that its benefit is scientifically proven too. Dr Paramjeet Singh, the Senior Manager of Brand's Health Science Centre, Regional R&D, Health Supplement Division as seen above showed us what is inside the concoction which made it beneficial. It has ProBeptigen, an active compound that independent scientist help improves memory and mental concentration.

At that event, we had the good Dr. Paramjeet Singh, multi-talented pop singer and composer, Rynn Lim and even General Manager of Cerebos (M) Sdn. Bhd. to answer all our questions on the benefit of Brand's Essence of Chicken and also how Rynn Lim was going to take up the challenge of composing and finishing a song in 14 days from that launch day.

Check out Rynn Lim's progress in his challenge at this Brand's Smart Living Facebook page.

In case you want to get a bottle of Brand's Essence of Chicken, it is sold in 6-bottle packs of either 42gm or 70gm at RM24.20 and RM39.20, with the limited edition Brand's '14-Day Get Smart' Challenge packs come in a special 14 x 70gm bottle pack priced at RM70.90.