Friday, December 17, 2010

Our new addition

Mr. Pudgy is not really a new cat in our household. He has been in our house for nearly 3 months. It is just that he is so kitten-like, still, after all these times that we think he just add to the colourful character that cats have. He had a bad case of scabs when he was still small and that is now healed....

And as a writer, after reading so many quotes from writers of yore about cat and their mischievousness ways, I can relate how watching them makes you unable to work....

Mr Pudgy watching TV

Showing off his big-ass

Helping as we organise our books

Why Mr. Pudgy? Just look at his bulging tummy which is bigger than him....

Being taken to the vet

Showing off one of his skill of chasing some loose cloth

Having a brawl with his best friend, another stray we took in, Wolfie
Like any other kitten, he has a battery life which just makes us mad sometimes. But entertaining... Here's a video of him doing his stuff (sorry for the bad video quality)

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