Friday, December 10, 2010

A library at home

We have only one shelf which we could not fit all the books we ever bought. Our magazines are not organised properly. They are just stacked on the floors. Years of living does that to whatever collection you decide to not throw away.

So, we bought shelves from IKEA. Not really a made-to-order library but it is just what we need. Some guys from IKEA installed it and on one fine rainy morning I decided to move all our books from that one shelf (and some of those on the floor beside my bed) to that new shelves.

With some help of course (they were checking the titles)

Tired helpers

A few questions I asked on Twitter while working :

How do you organised a home library? Do you lump Stephen King with Neil Gaiman? Is Haruki Murakami a horror writer? How about Terry Pratchett and Paulo Cuelho? Different genre?

One of the best answer comes from Pete Teo (yes, the singer, songwriter and producer) :

"home libraries shld b filed by instinct. The only person who cn find books thr shld b the owner. Otherwise it'd b charmless.:)"

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