Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 flashback : Singapore in May n Kuantan in June

In May I was in Singapore for a few days. It was actually to watch Chicago the musical (which I consider quite good and true to the original Chicago than the one which came to KL in 2007) but we deviate a little and visited Universal Studio Singapore. Actually, although Chicago was good, being in Universal Studio and being a kid became a memory we treasure more. We also traveled using a bus albeit a very comfortable one which is kinda a first for the 2 of us.

Then in June, we were in Kuantan for not even a day (between 12pm until 1am) to eat. Yes, I do that a lot. A day trip and a roadtrip all roll into one. Met with a Twitter friend @taeyong who was gracious enough to be our host for the day. We ate ikan patin by the Kuantan River, ate kuih like sata, otak-otak (Pahang style) at Tanjung Lumpur), eat some seafood at Mail Ikan Bakar, drink/bought some Kemaman Coffee and brought home the Murtabak Makasar. All thanks to a friend we never met before. We gained 10kg at the end of the trip. 'Full and satisfied' is an understatement.

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