Thursday, November 4, 2010

A simple memorable birthday celebration

I celebrated my 36th birthday last 27th October. It was a simple but memorable celebration.

Every year, I have to say I pity my wife. Trying to plan something memorable and surprising as in our own small way, we love to beat each other celebration. Meaning that we look for ways to surprise each other with the inventive way we can show our appreciation on a significant day for our other half. 
We are actually way past the surprise birthday party but I did once for her with her friends and she did it once with my friends. Both of us were surprised at the way it was done (I was totally surprised but discovered it 5 minutes before the event as 1 of the couple who are supposed to wait inside the karaoke decided to go and buy something and I caught them within the area).

So, this year, I appreciate all the small gestures my wife did as we did not have a one big celebration but a few of them. We had dinner with my wife's family at a place in Ampang where I was given this one big cake to blow candles. I can't remember the last time I actually blow candles. Then we celebrate it at home a bit later with those things married couple do. That was one memorable evening.

Then the next day, I had a birthday lunch with my staff as it was not just for me but for a few other October babies in the office. It was just a buffet lunch with no cakes or anything as that night we were going to a karaoke session at Red Box Puchong where they had cakes and all.

Before I joined that karaoke, I had a #makangang tweetup where I had chicken wings, just below my office area. 

Then, it was karaoke time where we arrived around 9pm where everyone is already enjoying themselves. We took pictures, blow the candles and cut the cake. That picture up there were all the October babies in my office except that guy in white is my Legal Assistant's fiance. Two cakes within 2 days. 

In short, it was enjoyable. Simple. And most importantly, with those I love and cherish...


  1. why kita tak amik gambar skali kat tempat makcik ciken wing? leh masuk blog. hihi

  2. Ooo!! U r loved and cherished ok!

    Happy burfday! we do atr one w Advertlets gang ok!