Monday, November 22, 2010

Among the kids at the Shout! Awards 2010

I was given an opportunity again to attend the Shout! Awards, an event held by 8TV for the entertainment industry. I just had the opportunity to question Ahmad Izham Omar the CEO of 8TV a few week ago and as I know the Shout! Awards is his current baby, I had high hope for it. Especially when I know my twitter buddy, Altimet will be performing his current hit single, Kotarayaku.

The verdict? I love the award show in term of visual and performances by the artists but as everyone who followed me and retweeted my complain, the audio killed the mood. It was way off and from the answer I gained from Twitter, it was bad even on television. And as we were on top of the places where they controlled the whole event, we were wondering why 7 banks of monitors couldn't do their jobs properly. 

We did noticed an acknowledgment by @AhmadIzhamOmar himself on twitter that they were rectifying the audio in the middle of the event and it did get better after early half the awards were given out. I actually think with all the classy acts like Mizz Nina, Altimet, Hujan, Dejavoodoo Spell and Yuna, the show could have gone better.

Anyway, all in all, I enjoyed the world class performance by Malaysian artists which are getting better and better.

Some pictures from where I was :

Yes, it was far from the stage. Just the way we like it. Too many kids.

Let me see if my wife took any close up pictures. Will upload later...

Oh, thanks to Twitter friends Farah and Khir Omar for the tickets

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