Friday, November 12, 2010

The chicken pox conspiracy

Is he the one who did it?
 This is really a conspiracy theory. So, let me say it again. It is a theory. I am not proving or disapproving it with a test or evidence. After all, there is none and I am not qualified to prove or disprove it.

The theory is : Someone is infecting with a chicken pox strain so that someone else can take over the job of those being infected. 

I had chicken pox 2 months back. I was told it was an airborne disease and I can even infect people just by speaking to them. I had the high fever 3 days before any indication of the lesion that comes with the pox was coming out.

They look innocent but you never know what they are thinking
At the same day (same day mind you) my staff also had the pox. I was quarantined for 8 days. My partner took over. Nothing against her as she is a good partner and the level of trustworthiness we have with each other is very, very high. We have known each other for nearly 18 years since the day we start Law Matriculation together. And we have in business for nearly 11 years.

Evil cute and fluffeh cats
One month after that I recovered and I attended the Global Islamic Finance Forum who was attended by none other than our Prime Minister.I didn't shake hands or anything with him although I was only 5 meters from him at one time.

Lo and behold, 2 weeks after that, our PM was infected by chicken pox. 

My wife, upon reading the news (on Twitter) tweeted : I think my husband may have infected the PM.

That one was a joke. 

Someone did say : Nothing in life is ever a coincidence.

But, it is just a theory. And it may not even be true.

* This is a theory which does not allege anything which you might infer and any inference to anything at all is the product of your conspiratorial mind. 

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