Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Universal Studio Singapore

Shrek's Castle

Waterwold : Bad movie, Good show
Which in another word, my very first time spending a whole day in a theme park. Sadly, it is a fact I have to accept that I never been in a theme park before. Even the popular Malaysian fun fair, which is a smaller version of a theme park, like a traveling carnival in small town, minus the freak show. Maybe my parents were trying to stop me being influenced by all the bad elements which you can find there. Like cotton candy and sudden exhilaration. Whatever the reason, I was deprived of all that you can find in theme park and the roller coaster that I have been on can be counted on one finger.

I am not a big fan of roller coasters and I have no desire or ambition to ride all the roller coasters I encounter but as I had paid S$76 per person for a whole day ticket at Universal Studio Singapore, I was determined to ride all the rides that it has to offer. The only problem was the queue and the rides which were closed due to technical reasons (Battlestar Galactica) or those which will only be opened some time later in the year (Madagascar, a Crate Adventure). That was why I even took the ride on King Julien's Party-Go-Round. Just to experience being a kid again. My wife hates roller-coasters but for love, she went on three of them that day, including Mummy : The Revenge ride which had one part of it a reverse roller coaster ride.....

We went wild buying souvenirs for ourselves (a t-shirt each, our must-have fridge magnets and shot glass). My wife went wild when she saw Betty Boop souvenir shop. As we rarely use all the S$ that we exchange, we have lots of those and if not for the cab fares, we would have spent it all. Although we spent the whole day there and seem to tweet on Twitter that we really had fun there, the real reason we were in Singapore was to watch Chicago the Musical. It was such a sexy show and I was glad to catch it there as a friend who went to watch it in Malaysia in 2007 said that it was quite a different show as in Malaysia the actors had to cover up although the musical is about women being let loose and the law being manipulated like a showbiz.


  1. I'm glad u finally got ur ride bang! hahahaha..

  2. I don't think I've been to an amusement park as big as that one, but we have a smaller one that's not far away. I did the same as you the last time I went. I rode the roller coasters only because I paid so much money.